Grapefruit Hiball


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Good Vibes, Meet Good Energy.


Carbonated Purified Water, Natural Flavor, Organic Caffeine, Organic Guarana Extract, Organic Panax Ginseng Extract, Niacinamide (Vit B3), D-Calcium Pantothenate (Vit B5), Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (Vit B6), Cyanocobalamin (Vit B12).

Zero Sugar

Zero Calories

Organic Caffeine

Nutrition Facts


Hiball Energy Seltzer is all the energy you need without any of the compromise.

  • Hiball combines the refreshment of seltzer with long-lasting energy from 160mg of organic caffeine.
  • Hiball contains ZERO sugar and ZERO calories so you can get all the good energy you need with no compromises.
  • Every can of Hiball Energy Seltzer is infused with organic caffeine, organic ginseng, organic guarana, and B Vitamins (B3, B5, B6, & B12) with a hint of natural fruit flavor.
  • What you won’t find? Hiball has no carbs, no preservatives, no artificial sweeteners and no taurine.


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